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Alterra Retrospective

During my first year of undergraduate college, I took an honors class that was a blend of English literature, philosophy and religion. Where most courses at my college would award passing students three credits in a single field, this course awarded one credit each in those three separate disciplines. We talked about Virginia Woolf, about …


Goods Versus Good

A constributor at Science Fiction Writers was kind enough to direct my attention to John Scalzi’s article “A Moment of Financial Clarification” the other day. “…I have been both shameless and unapologetic about the commercial aspects of my writing, whether it’s me working as a writing/editing consultant for business or writing accessible novels. … The money I …


Speculative Fiction Needs Less Toxicity

This popped up in my feed this weekend: an article by Damien Walter titled “Genre Needs a Lot More Cruel and Nasty Reviews.” We need writers and reviewers like Priest who have the expertise and willingness to reflect back the problems in modern genre fiction. Because the problems are very real. Violence of the flattened, meaningless …


Writers Need Feedback

[G]iven their free time, [writing group attendees] (on their own) do not go to the bookstore and read the type of writing that you’re doing. Yet, you’re willing to listen to them either praise or rip apart (the more likely scenario) your writing as they tell you “this bores me” or “this doesn’t work for me.” …


Insomnium Retrospective

In early 2013, I was working on my first draft of Voyage Windbound. In many ways, that book will be the most difficult for me to publish. I lace all my books with my personality, my experiences, my worldview. You can certainly find bits of me in all my characters, perhaps some more than others. …


The Conundrum of Beauty

At 7:51 AM on January 12, 2007, a man walked into a subway station in Washington D.C. carrying a violin. For forty-odd minutes, he performed classical music as busy commuters rushed past him. Twenty-seven of those commuters gave him money, coming to a total of $32. Over one thousand people hurried past, either not too …


Better Judgment

There’s this thing I  keep hearing, especially from industry professionals, and since I consider myself at the professional stage, I feel it’s my duty to address this thing. Because I find it kind of gross. And here’s the thing. Even people whose opinions and presentation I wholly support and respect, they’re saying this thing, too. …


My Writing Process Blog Tour

You’ll remember Dan Thompson from my interview with him last year. Dan has numerous titles to his name, including The Caseworker’s Memoirs and Life is All But a Vast Array of Colours. I recently participated in the cover reveal for his upcoming novel Here Lies Love, and his young adult novel The Black Petal was …



Hear that sound? Chirping crickets. Been kinda dead here, recently. Time to liven things up. I’ve got a lot of posts planned: an Insomnium cover reveal, a review of the second Saga graphic novel, and reviews of some comics from Northwest Press. The reason for my absence? I’ve been in the middle of a job …


On Handling LGBT Characters and Themes

I’ve hesitated for a long time about writing this post. It’s a collection of observations I’ve been sifting through. There’s not much discussion about these topics on the interwebs (at least that I’ve found). I know that LGBT characters and situations are more prominent in fantasy than in science fiction, so if you are aware …

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